Racing Rules

The 2011 World Championships will be complying with the ICF Rules and Statutes pertaining to dragon boat. The rules for the Unique race categories will be posted here soon.


To be eligible to participate in the 2011 WC, clubs must be registered with their national canoe federation.  If you’re uncertain about your eligibility please contact our head office at or your national Canoe Federation. For a complete list of ICF national federation, see National Federations.

2011 ICF Programme Events

Men Junior 15-18 Senior Masters 40+
Women Junior 15-18 Senior Masters 40+
Mixed Junior 15-18 Senior Masters 40+

Distances to  be raced include 200m, 500m, 2k in standard and 10-Seat Dragonboats.

Unique Programme Events

To promote dragon boat paddling as a broadly participatory as well as competitive activity, the 2011 WC will incorporate the following unique race categories:

Category Participant Description
Community/Corporate Mixed Racing for Community Teams
Aboriginal Aboriginal Communities
Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS) Breast Cancer Survivors
Para-Dragons Para-canoe for Dragonboat
Spirit Challenge Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities
University University and College Teams


25 experienced officials, referees and judges will help make this event a success. All will have national or international experience officiating at dragonboat and sprint canoe events.

The Course was constructed in 2006 and used for the 2006 IDBF World Club Crew Dragon Boat Championships. The water depth complies with the ICF depth and width standards for racing venues.

  • Water depth is consistent (at 3.0 m) to ensure no bias and fair racing opportunities for all teams.
  • 650 m straight length course (with 50 m start and 100m finish area).
  • 162 m wide (shore to break-water), to allow for 8 lanes at 15 m+ wide.
  • State-of-the-art break-water (man made reef) surrounds practice and race area for calm water conditions.

During races teams warm-up and cool-down using designated lanes, separate from race course – traffic patterns will be posted for all teams.